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-Attacks on US Embassies Expand While ‘Useful Idiots’ Respond

by Dr. D ~ September 13th, 2012


This morning (Thursday 9/13/12) we woke up to find that not only is the American embassy still under attack in Egypt but now there are also mobs assailing our embassies and consulates in Yemen, Tunisia, Bangladesh, Sudan, and even in Berlin, Germany, with rising tensions also in Afghanistan. Meanwhile President Obama continues on his way to a fundraiser in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Thousands are still attacking our embassy in Cairo, Egypt but how does the President of Egypt Mohamed Morsi respond to the crisis? Rather than calling on his troops to control the situation he condemns American freedoms by calling for legal action to be taken in the USA against the film makers of a movie that really doesn’t exist but is currently only a trailer on the Internet.

Yesterday President Obama responded to the crisis by condemning those who denigrate Islam in the same sentence that he condemned the violence:

While the United States rejects efforts to denigrate the religious beliefs of others, we must all unequivocally oppose the kind of senseless violence that took the lives of these public servants.

When GOP hopeful Gov. Romney criticized the president’s response, the main stream media quoted only part of his statement and attacked Romney as out of line. I have never seen the MSM so bias and so out of control and in the tank for one candidate as it is in this election for Barack Obama.

If George W. Bush was president when this happened, the media would have been besides themselves questioning why the embassies were left unprotected on 9/11 which was such an obvious potential date for an attack by Islamist radicals. Especially since Military advisors point out that the attacks were obviously planned and well organized. The administration had substantially relied upon Libyan security forces even though it was a common known fact that elements of al Qaeda had prominent positions in the Libyan military. There are even reports that some of the security forces themselves were involved in exposing where the Ambassador was hiding. It was an obvious mistake but the media will not even go there?

Already, Muslim leaders in the Middle East are calling on the UN to pass international blasphemy laws to protect Islam. Americans should pressure our government to reject that UN legislation even though the administration has come out in support of it in the past. If passed, such laws could in effect curtail some of our freedoms by subjecting Americans to international courts when out of the country.

Meanwhile I have come across and heard a number of ‘useful idiots’ in our esteemed media questioning if we don’t have too many freedoms in this country and wondering if something could be done about folks like Terry Jones and his ilk which seem to be at the bottom of all of this trouble?

More disturbing is the story that the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff may have actually called Terry Jones and ordered the pastor to shut up and quit promoting the film in question and causing trouble.

No, Islamist radicals are the real trouble makers and the film was just a useful ‘red herring’ excuse to light their already planned and organized attacks. Here’s the best response that I found and it comes from a group of moderate Muslims in the USA. They are calling for Muslims in the Middle East to be educated and brought into the 21st century.                   *Top

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