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-God and Politics American Style 2012

by Dr. D ~ September 6th, 2012

There was a time in America when every politician was wrapped in the flag, was seen praying to God, and had at least one piece of apple pie nearly every day during a campaign. How things have changed. At least the God part.

Yesterday (Wednesday) we were treated to a major political party in total chaos following a vote where the delegates obviously voiced their opinion three times against adding God and Jerusalem to their platform and yet the decision was deemed passed regardless (See video above). One commentator later noted that the secular leaning delegates were actually booing God?

Boos erupted in the auditorium while convention chairman Antonio Villaraigosa looked like a deer caught in the headlights but followed through with what was on his teleprompter and ruled it passed by a 2/3 majority anyway since the word had come down from on high- not from heaven but from the White House itself. In reality if there was a 2/3 vote to be had it was overwhelmingly in the negative.

It is obvious that the majority of delegates to the Democratic Convention in 2012 were intent on leaving God out of their platform. However that radical action was not playing well across America even among democratic supporters. So the word had come down from Barack Obama himself that God had to be put back in the platform since it was becoming embarrassing to explain why all references to God had been taken out of it in the first place and it was readily becoming a campaign issue.

It wasn’t the only controversy about religion that this years convention was involved in. Earlier in the week, the DNC had reportedly caused a controversy by rejecting  ‘gift baskets’ and offers of help and free transportation for the conference delegates from over 100 area churches because the congregations held values that are contrary to the party platform.

Also this week comes the story that Black pastors are getting together looking for ways to encourage their congregations to support President Obama in his reelection bid. Apparently support for Obama has been waning even in the African-American community following his endorsement of gay marriage.

Meanwhile on the Republican side, mainline Christians were questioning whether GOP VP candidate Paul Ryan was really much of a Christian since the budget he wrote did not help the poor all that much and they questioned his affinity for the philosophy of Ayn Rand.

Then there are the choices before us this election- both candidates represent a real challenge for evangelical Christians when it comes to religion. On one hand you have a mainline professing Christian in President Obama that supports same-sex marriage, abortion under all circumstances, and has a decidedly secular world view. Then there’s Gov. Romney who shares most of our values but comes to us from the Mormon faith.

It is ironic that at this crucial time in our history and one of the most important elections ever we are faced with choosing a leader that has either a secular world view or a heretical view of God. Some Christian leaders are calling on evangelicals to vote for a 3rd party candidate but that is really tantamount to voting for Pres. Obama.

Now here’s why that is not a good idea. The Obama administration has assailed and tried to limit freedom of religion like no other administration ever in our history. What 4 more years would bring is anybody’s guess but the next president will get to choose at least two Supreme Court justices and maybe even more and along the way if President Obama gets re-elected he would probably continue to try to redefine freedom of religion as merely ‘freedom to worship’ within the four walls of a church or temple.

It is imperative that we have an administration and a Supreme Court that truly supports freedom of religion since it is now under assault in the public square nearly everyday by atheist groups.

What ever might be said about Mormon theology one thing is for sure, a LDS like Gov. Romney could be counted on to stand up to any and all challenges to religious freedom. Mormons are sensitive to the issue like no other religious body in America due to their unfortunate past history which includes an extermination order from the Governor of Missouri in the 1838 and an expulsion from the state of Illinois in 1846.            *Top

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