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-Secret Service Checks Out ‘Pray for Obama’ Sign

by Dr. D ~ September 1st, 2012

From KENS 5, San Antonio:

"Let his days be few, and let another take his office."  (Psalm 109:8)

Milton Neitsch  Jr., who has lived in Victoria since 1961,  says he didn’t intend for people to pick up on the hateful wishes of death and pain surrounding the tiny verse.
But some people say it is hateful and inappropriate. They say it misuses the holy scripture and it must come down.

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Response: We certainly agree that Pres. Obama needs all the prayers that he can get. However, we have always drawn the line with imprecatory prayers like the one represented in Psalms 109:8. We believe that all Christians should be genuinely praying for those in authority.

Having said that, the sign should be left up if the owner so chooses. It is a matter of free speech and religious liberty after all is said and done and whether we agree with the sentiment or not.              *Top

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