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-Atheist Group vs. School District Over Songs That Mention God

by Dr. D ~ August 20th, 2012

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From Fox News:

A national atheist group is demanding that a New York public school district remove songs from the curriculum of a music class because they feature the words "god" and "lord" in the lyrics, but the educators aren’t backing down.

The Freedom from Religion Foundation has sent letters to the Shenendehowa Central Schools, in Clifton Park, N.Y., threatening legal action if the songs aren’t removed from Okte Elementary School’s curriculum.

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Response: Another case where the FFRF is confronting a local school or government over religion. In this case it involves a class on music. The Constitution says nothing about taking any mention of God out of the schools. In this case the atheist group is claiming that one of the songs is actually a prayer. There may be some merit to their contention but so what. 

I have a degree in music and I can tell you that it would be nearly impossible to introduce and cover the history of music down through the centuries without mentioning God and religion. The seeds of Western music were sowed in the church and began with Gregorian Chant. Plus nearly all of the American patriotic song I learn as a child in elementary school had at least some mention of God.

Does a so-called ‘separation of church and state’ really involve a complete denial of history and the original religious character of Western civilization and the religious foundations of our nation? Apparently so according to the FFRF. It is high time that this group received some challenges to their over-the-top threats of legal blackmail. Good for these folks in Clifton park.               *Top

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