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-Religious Freedom Under Assault in Temecula Valley, CA

by Dr. D ~ August 18th, 2012

Hostility toward Religious Freedom is increasing at an alarming rate in America. Incredibly it is illegal to build churches, synagogues, and private schools in California’s Temecula Wine Country.

From Wine Country Freedom:

  • In the Temecula Wine Country, a zoning ordinance was quietly adopted in 1999 by the County (and pressed by the Vintners) to prevent the expansion of the only church (Calvary Chapel Bible Fellowship) and to permanently exclude all other houses of worship from this zone. A new zoning plan, the Wine Country Plan, has been proposed that continues this religious hostility by not including houses of worship in over 100,000 contiguous acres of the County. …
  • Today you have a window of opportunity to stand up for the religious freedoms American’s hold so dear, so let your voice be heard.

<Respond –links are available on the website>

For local folks, there is a meeting scheduled to address this issue on Wednesday August 22, 2012 at Temecula City Hall at 9am.

Response: This is another situation where the local government is limiting the freedom of religion through zoning laws. All you Christians need to stand up and be counted before something similar shows up in your own backyard and blocks your own church from building or expanding.

Already we have municipal associations and organizations in America suggesting that city administrators restrict home Bible groups through implementing and applying zoning laws. Then there is the attempt  in NY City to exclude churches from renting school facilities. Also, in city after city authorities are attempting to limit the number and placement of churches by zoning them out of existence because of their tax-exempt status.

Churches used to be considered an asset to the community but now they are increasingly looked upon by secular administrators as a liability. Nevertheless, we still have a Constitution in this country that is supposed secure religious liberty and freedom for it’s citizens. May God continue to bless America.                *Top

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