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-Miami Pastor Gives Christian Perspective at Gay Forum

by Dr. D ~ August 16th, 2012


              (Photo: Unshakable Live/Screenshot)

This is a remarkable story. The Miami pastor that was threatened with eviction by the school district for preaching from the Bible on homosexuality was able to give his Christian perspective before a LGBT Inclusion forum last week.

While he was heckled by some nevertheless he was able to speak and make a number of poignant points and address the differences between the LGBT and Christian community:

…Hakimian (pastor) contends that he and his wife were still able to "present a Christian perspective of tolerance, of love, of the Christian Apologetic concerning this issue," as well as "talk about sexuality from a Christian perspective."

"They kept saying that because you don’t agree with us you don’t love us, you hate us. We tried to explain to them that love doesn’t mean Christians can’t disagree," he continued, reflecting on the night’s events and the conversation he had with the nine-person panel, all of whom were representing the LGBT community.

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Response: Christians seldom get the opportunity to communicate the Biblical teaching on homosexuality from a position of love and concern. This was a remarkable opportunity for a pastor to stand up for Biblical teaching and yet reject the idea that it is a message of hate but really one of love and concern for all.

Gay activists are constantly making the charge that conservative Christians are messengers of hate merely because we disagree. Nothing could be further from the truth. Jesus teaches us to love and be concerned about everyone but that doesn’t mean that we are going to back away from clear Biblical teaching. We will continue to extend love and concern for all people while at the same time we will also continue to give our support for traditional marriage and teach the Biblical perspective on sexuality.            *Top

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