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-Arkansas: Atheist Group Demands Water Park End Church Discounts

by Dr. D ~ August 15th, 2012


Another Christian business threatened by the atheists for giving discounts to church groups. From the Christian Post:

A nationwide atheist organization has threatened legal actions against an Arkansas water park over a discount it offers only for churches.

The Wisconsin-based Freedom From Religion Foundation sent a letter earlier this month to Willow Springs Water Park of Little Rock regarding the discount, saying it violates the Civil Rights Act.

<Rest the whole story>

The discount is offered on their slowest day in the park and also offered to senior citizens and those in the military. The owners do not believe that it is discriminatory and do not plan on discontinuing the practice.

Response: The park is open to everyone regardless of race or creed and etc. How is it discrimination if the Christian owners decide to support church groups in their area through discounts? Isn’t this tantamount to free will giving to non-profit groups of ones choice? If Christians choose to give support to a particular group but not others is that really discriminatory when it comes to giving or just freedom of choice? Are Christians and Christian businesses now forced to support atheist groups if they contribute to churches?

The FFRF seems to be all over the place lately and most of the time get their way when confronting cities that do not want to risk expensive lawsuits. Now they are beginning to challenge Christian owned businesses.

The FFRF is winning essentially by default. It is time for Christian legal groups ( like the ADF) to push back and meet the challenge.               *Top

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1 Response to -Arkansas: Atheist Group Demands Water Park End Church Discounts

  1. Brian

    Dr. D — There is even more to this story than the national media has reported. Here is a page from the Willow Springs web site:


    This individual is a devout Christian who is using his business as a Christian outreach, and who is doing far far more to support Christian activities than merely giving discount to Christian youth groups. He is affirmatively encouraging Bible studies, VBS activities and similar faith related activities at his water park.

    If the FFRF succeeds in shutting him down, it will have a chilling effect upon the ability of any Christian to exercise his faith outside of the narrow confines of a church building.


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