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-Cross Story of the Week: Columbus, Georgia

by Dr. D ~ August 8th, 2012


   (Photo Credit: Ledger-Enquirer.com)

From The Blaze:

…Alas, there’s yet another religious drama unfolding in Columbus, Georgia, after non-believers complained over the presence of the cross-shaped flowerbed in a local park. Following their angst, the mayor promptly ordered it be removed from government property.  …

In April, the city made it clear, based on unsettled proclamations from citizens, that the faith-inspiring flowerbed was no longer welcome on public land. So, the arms of the cross were removed by the Windsor Park Homeowners Association, the group responsible for its upkeep, to form the aforementioned rectangular floral border.

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Response: A lot of folks in Columbus are unhappy with the action taken by the mayor. She says she made the decision to ‘remove’ the cross because of some unnamed “federal laws.”  It would be nice to know what ‘laws’ she might be referring to. When asked she merely cited some 1983 court case about a cross on government land.

There is so much ignorance and confusion when it comes to what is lawful and what isn’t on public lands when it comes to religion. Unfortunately most of the time cities take action now just to avoid lawsuits and controversy. In most cases Christians have pretty much laid down and given up.

In this case the mayor made the decision to change the flower bed after complaints and yet maintained that the property could still be used for early morning Easter services? Talk about mixed messages.            *Top

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