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-Is It Now Against the Constitution for a Public School Band to Play “God Bless America”?

by Dr. D ~ August 7th, 2012

God Bless America

                    (God Bless America: ClaraDon)

Is it now against the Constitution for a public school band to play “God Bless America”?

That is what the atheists from Freedom From Religion Foundation’s (FFRF) are now contending. However the school district gets high honors for deciding to ignore the FFRF demand.  Here’s the story–

From The Blaze:

The Wayland School District in Wayland, Massachusetts, is pushing back against an atheist group’s claim that a high school band playing “God Bless America” is somehow an unconstitutional act. In fact, the district, led by Superintendent Dr. Paul Stein, plans to flat-out ignore the Freedom From Religion Foundation’s (FFRF) letter alleging separation of church violations when the song is played at school functions.

The song was played by the Wayland High School band on two days of American patriotism — Pearl Harbor Day and Memorial Day. While Stein claims that he respects the separation between government and religion, he also believes the Madison, Wisconsin-based FFRF is taking the situation a bit too far. A parent‘s complaint allegedly sparked the group’s letter.

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Response: It is really getting ridiculous when a band playing a traditional American patriotic song is called ‘unconstitutional.’ The words weren’t even sung in this case and the song in question was even at one time considered as a possible national anthem. Can you even imagine any of the Founding Fathers or even one of the members of the Constitutional Convention supporting this FFRF view? I don’t think so.

This Wisconsin atheist group seems to be all over the place. Do they really have the kind of funding to follow through with all of their threats? They have been imposing their views and forcing changes all across America by blackmail and default.

It is time for Christian groups to stand up and be counted. Maybe groups like ADF could follow them around and contradict their claims and offer to provide legal cover.What if a whole bunch of cities and schools decided to call their bluff all at once? I wonder how they would respond to it all. It is time to wake up and join the challenge rather than letting this group change the face of America.             *Top

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