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-Coalition of 3,700+ African American Pastors Oppose Obama on Gay Marriage

by Dr. D ~ August 6th, 2012

Here’s a story that is huge and yet has gotten very little notice or play in the main stream media.

Last week officials in the Democratic Party announced that a plank for supporting same-sex marriage would be included in this year’s official platform. That announcement got a lot of notice in the media. However, also last week a Coalition of African-American Pastors, representing 3,700+ under the leadership of Rev. William Owens opposing gay marriage, held a press conference (see video above) and got almost no media attention at all.

Here’s a link to an editorial by Star Parker on this development which I found in the OC Register this morning. From the article:

The group is spearheading a "Mandate for Marriage" campaign to gather 100,000 signatures on a petition declaring support for traditional marriage. The petition also calls for Obama "to repudiate his assertion that gay marriage is a civil right."

<Read the whole article>

Response: Obviously the MSM is far more slanted than most recognize and they are not serving the American public very well during this election season. Particularly when it comes to religion, gay rights, same-sex marriage, and anything against President Obama. This story includes all of the above.

Following the announcement by President Obama of his change to support same-sex marriage, a few black pastors came out against him on the issue but I had a hard time understanding why more didn’t respond. I suspect now that many more probably did but got very little notice from the media. Now over 3,700 black pastors have officially committed themselves to oppose Obama and the Democratic party on this issue and yet the MSM doesn’t consider it all that important?

This is a major story yet goes substantially under reported on purpose? Fortunately we still have a few folks like Star Parker and some with Fox News that will draw attention to stories like this that the rest of the media is trying to ignore. Also, we now have an alternative sources of news on the Internet and the MSM is no longer the only game in town.            *Top

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