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-This Week’s Cross Story: Steubenville, Ohio

by Dr. D ~ August 3rd, 2012


From the Christian Post:

The Freedom From Religion Foundation (FFRF), based in Wisconsin, has claimed a victory in its case against the city of Steubenville in eastern Ohio after officials agreed to drop religious symbols from the community’s official logo.

The Steubenville logo, which had been designed by local businessman Mark Nelson in 2011, featured the cross from Franciscan University’s Christ the King Chapel and historic landmarks like Fort Steuben and the Veterans’ Memorial Bridge.

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Response: In this case the FFRF made the ridiculous claim that the City of Steubenville is a ‘theocracy’ because they are showing a representation of the city skyline on their logo which happens to include a cross from the Franciscan University?

The city vows to take the cross out of their logo in order to avoid a lawsuit that would cost thousands of dollars in legal fees. Another case where the FFRF has threatened,  intimidated, and blackmailed a local jurisdiction to take down a cross even though there was in actuality no real promotion of a particular religion. The logo merely represented a skyline that happened to include a cross that everyone can view in person every day in Steubenville, Ohio.

I have a question. Why don’t the FFRF radicals attack Washington DC? When I visited there last year I viewed hundreds of references to God on monuments and crosses everywhere. Even the Jefferson monument had at least 3 references to ‘The Creator’ etched in stone which were quotes from the supposed champion of the separation of church and state. Maybe they would like to avoid the outrage and major opposition it would end up causing?            *Top

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3 Responses to -This Week’s Cross Story: Steubenville, Ohio

  1. Brian

    “Why don’t the FFRF radicals attack Washington DC?”

    Be patient, Dr. D. I am certain that is on their long-term agenda.


  2. Dr. D

    I am sure you are correct.

  3. Lemmy

    There is a long term agenda. Uphold the law and keep my tax dollars from going to promote religious symbols.

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