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-A Christian Backlash Against Gay Activism?

by Dr. D ~ August 3rd, 2012

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Here are two stories that I believe demonstrate that evangelical Christians and many others might be rising up in a backlash against Gay activism and same-sex marriage.

First story. A bakery that refused to make a cake for a same-sex marriage and then received criticism and threats of a boycott along with pickets over the last weekend  has now seen their business double in the last few days. Here’s the story:

A bakery in Colorado that refused to make a wedding cake for a gay couple has said that despite the controversy, it has seen its business more than double in the past few days.

“[On Monday] we had about twice as much business as normal,” said Jack Phillips of Masterpiece Cake Shop in Lakewood. “There are people coming in to support us.”

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Second story. Most people are is now familiar with the Chick-fil-A controversy which started when Don Cathy (head of the restaurant chain) told a Christian magazine that he and his family supported Biblical principles and traditional marriage. The MSM picked up the quote and ran with it and then gay activists called for a boycott and several city mayors said the restaurant chain was no longer welcome to build in their town.

Meanwhile, Mike Huckabee suggested that August 1 would be a great time to show appreciation for Cathy’s stand and support free speech and freedom of religion in the process by patronizing the fast food restaurant on that day.

August 1, ‘Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day’, was a greater success than anyone ever expected with thousands of customers showing up and creating the largest day of sales the chain had ever experienced.

Response: I am wondering if maybe we are finally seeing the long over due rise of a Christian backlash against gay activism? In a column several days ago, Star Parker made the comment that the Chick-fil-A protest might be ‘a bridge to far’ and actually end up setting back the gay activist cause.

I now believe that she is probably correct and the sleeping giant of evangelical Christians and conservative Catholics might have been aroused to the point of taking action at least in these two instances. Hopefully in the future, Christians will continue to stand up and be counted when Christian businesses, religious conscience, and free speech are under attack.             *Top

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