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-Olympics: NBC Edits out Terrorism Tribute in Opening Ceremony for PC Reasons?

by Dr. D ~ August 1st, 2012

     (Olympics on NBC: Wikipedia)

The British are upset with NBC for editing out their tribute to 7/7 victims of Islamic terrorism in the Olympics’ opening ceremony. NBC has replied to the controversy by saying that its showing was "tailored for our American audience."

From the Daily Mail:

NBC has caused yet more outrage over its decision to cut a tribute for the victims of the London 2005 terrorist bombings from its Olympics Opening Ceremony coverage by explaining it wasn’t tailored for the U.S. audience.

A tribute song, Abide With Me by singer Emeli Sandé, and an accompanying dance was edited out of NBC’s coverage in favour of a bland Ryan Seacrest interview with Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps

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Response: NBC also edited out tributes to "those who cannot be with us tonight," including two American servicemen who lost their lives in the subsequent war. One would have thought that it would have been meaningful for American audiences. Also, anyone who did view what NBC did allow was greeted with a highly politicized comment by Matt Lauer gushing over UK’s health care system when it was represented in the pageant.

The excuse they gave for editing out the terrorism tribute doesn’t make any sense at all. If anyone could have identified with the 7/7 loss of 52 British citizens to Islamic terrorism it would have been an American audience which has experience 9/11 after all. So the question remains- why did they really edit out  the 7/7 tribute and substitute it with a dull Ryan Seacrest/Michael Phelps interview that could have been shown at anytime?

It is my contention that NBC edited out the 7/7 tribute for PC reasons –in order to combat ‘Islamophobia.’ From what I can observe, the current NBC PC playbook calls for their network programming to curtail, modify, or edit any or all stories that might contribute in anyway to an increase of Islamophobia in America. The British tribute to their 7/7 Islamic terrorist event would best be avoided since it would remind Americans of 9/11 which started it all.              *Top

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