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-Tony Blair: Obama and The West Ignorant of Islamist Threat

by Dr. D ~ July 27th, 2012

British Prime Minister Tony Blair at a work se...

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From The Christian post:

Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has warned that the West is not fully aware of how dangerous Islamic extremism is getting in the Middle East, and has questioned President Barack Obama’s handling of Islamic relations.  …

Addressing the religious conflicts currently gripping a host of African countries, stretching from Nigeria, Sudan, Mali, Tanzania and Kenya, where radical Islamists are waging war on Christians, Blair said that he thinks "the West is asleep on this issue," especially in regards to the mentality of the extremists. …

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Response: Tony Blair is quite critical of President Obama’s handling of the Middle East. We could not agree more.

Just last week I heard President Obama in a speech bragging about his involvement in the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ and how it has brought about democracy in the Middle East. I was shocked since the vote of the people in Libya, Egypt, and Tunisia actually brought radical Islamists to power along with a pledge to establish Sharia law. Sharia is about as far as you can get from Western style democracy.

Just last week the framers of the new Egyptian Constitution added the clause that the new Egypt government would be an ‘Islamic state’ and established Islam as the state religion with sharia as the foundation of all law. Does that sound like democracy to you? It isn’t and either Pres. Obama is ignorant of the truth or willfully deceptive.

Either way, his policies have been a disaster in the Middle East when it comes to true democracy and freedom of religion. Also for Christians who are now facing an increase in persecution with no end in sight.             *Top

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