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-Canada: Christian B&B Owners Fined for Refusing Gay Couple

by Dr. D ~ July 24th, 2012

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                         (Photo credit: Kevin Timothy)

From the Huffington Post:

The British Columbia Human Rights Tribunal has fined the owners of a now-closed bed and breakfast $4,500 for refusing to grant a gay couple a reservation in 2009 after learning of their sexual orientation, the Vancouver Sun reports.

Les and Susan Molnar, the former owners of the Riverbend B&B, cited religious reasons for why they wouldn’t agree to rent a room to Shaun Eadie and Brian Thomas, who live in Vancouver.

The Molnars tried to argue that the B&B was part of their home, saying they pray there and feel responsible for the behavior of their guests.

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Response: In this case, the owners were Christians and even hosted a weekly Bible study at their Bed & Breakfast. The Canadian authorities said that they were not forced to become a B&B and therefore the couple had to follow commercial discrimination laws regardless of their religious convictions or the fact it was their personal home. The Molnar’s have since closed their B&B but are still responsible for the large fine.

Christian business owners in the USA need to be aware of similar laws which may also affect them.  The ruling by the Canadian authorities is no different than what we can expect in the future in the USA regardless of our freedom of religion clause. The attitude of authorities that business owners must be subject to commercial discrimination laws regardless of religious conscience is going to affect Christian business owners of all kinds all across America. Christians in America who own B&B’s are the next logical target. We have already seen this happen to Christian B&B owners in the UK and now in Canada

Already we have seen one community in Kansas trying to rule that churches which charge a facility fee for weddings are a commercial enterprise that can be forced to allow same-sex marriages regardless of religious convictions.  Also, there is a lawsuit against a Methodist Camp resort for the same reason.

In this generation, our religious freedoms are in the process of being re-interpreted and limited. Where once religious convicts and conscience were respected and held sacrosanct that is no longer the case. For instance, under the Bush administration, by executive order allied medical workers could not be forced to violate their religious convicts and made to participate in abortion or in dispensing abortive medicines. That was one of the first executive orders suspended by President Obama. If this President gets a second term and his Obama Care health plan survives, look for doctors and health workers to be forced to participate in abortions and look for Christians who refuse to be dropped from their jobs and even suspended from medical schools.

The point is that in the future, Christians who live by their religious convicts may find that they are blocked from pursuing certain professions and businesses.            *Top

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