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-Mt. Soledad Cross: DOJ Holding Secret Meetings with ACLU?

by Dr. D ~ July 23rd, 2012

Mt. Solidad

                  (Mt. Solidad: bostone)

Apparently the Obama justice Department is holding secret meetings with the ACLU in order to get the Mt. Soledad Cross case settled out of court. From CitizenLink:

The Obama administration and ACLU jointly filed a court request on July 17, asking that a July 26 hearing to determine the cross’s ultimate fate be postponed. Liberty Institute (LI) — the legal group representing the Mt. Soledad Memorial Association — was not informed.

The exclusion came “despite the fact that we have a nice statement from Justice Alito saying that the case can come back to the U.S. Supreme Court for review, and despite Congress specifically passing legislation to protect this cross as part of the veterans memorial.  It’s an absolute disgrace,” said LI Litigation Director Hiram Sasser. “The DOJ is willing to engage in secret settlement negotiations that would preclude us from ever getting this case back up the Supreme Court.”

Response: Mt. Soledad is the mother of all ‘cross cases’ having started in 1989. This is a case that I have been following for years and one I have great interest in since I observe the inspirational cross at least once a week in La Jolla from Interstate 5. I summarized the twists and turns of the case in a recent post.

The legal team supporting the Cross was encouraged that the case might be settled once and for all like the Mohave Cross Memorial if they could get it back to the US Supreme Court later this year.

Now it looks like the Obama administration has short circuited the process and secretly has taken over the case and is trying to settle it out of court. It remains to be seen what comes of it but supporters of the Cross are not happy with the intrusion by the DOJ considering the poor record this administration has when it comes to issues involving the ‘freedom of religion.’              *Top 

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