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-Boy Scouts Continue Ban on Homosexuals

by Dr. D ~ July 18th, 2012

Original Boy Scouts of America emblem

                                 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From OneNewNow:

NEW YORK – After a confidential two-year review, the Boy Scouts of America on Tuesday emphatically reaffirmed its policy of excluding “gays,” ruling out any changes despite relentless protest campaigns by some critics.

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Response: Look for a new campaign by gay activists and their willing supporters in the media to eliminate the Boy Scouts from the ‘public square.’ There has been a 2 year moratorium of opposition against the Scouts while they reconsidered their official policy concerning homosexuality. It is now over and the battle to marginalize the Boy Scouts begins today.

Many Boy Scout groups meet in school facilities across America, look for that use to be challenged. Many Scout groups pass out info and invitations in schools –look for that to change. Scouts usually receive a place of honor and show the flag in local town meetings and parades- look for that visibility to now be questioned.

Look for charges of discrimination and lawsuits to follow. Some may even try to get the Scouts officially kicked out of or listed as ‘persona non grata’ in some cities and counties across the nation. I know the US Supreme Court supported the Boy Scouts 5-4 in 2000 but it starts all over again today.

Bottom-line, it is now open season on the Boy Scouts.  In order to survive in the future, the Boy Scouts will need to become more connected to local churches who support their stands on honor and morality.           *Top

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2 Responses to -Boy Scouts Continue Ban on Homosexuals

  1. Brian

    Let me submit a different perspective on the Scouts’ issue – greed is fueling the pressure for the scouts to admit homosexual leaders, and money is playing an unexpected role.

    I am a lawyer. I have defended scout groups several times for allegations of abuse of minors (at least one legitimate claim, and least one allegation was fraudulent). Each lawsuit, however, involved (a) suit against the actual wrongdoer for intentional acts; and (b) suit against other scout leaders who were “in the area” for negligence in failure to discover, failure to prevent, failure to be more watchful to prevent, the wrongdoing.

    Why does a lawyer file a swarm of negligence claims against other scout leaders? Insurance. Insurance policies do not pay for ‘intentional acts’ and sexual abuse of a minor is the textbook example of an intentional act that an insurance company will not pay for. However, if you can show that other scout leaders were negligent in failure to prevent/stop the abuse, you can get access to some “deep pocket” insurance policies.

    At the present time, with homosexuals forbidden to be scout masters, the defense of the “bystander” scout leader is “I did not have to be too concerned because I know that homosexuals are forbidden to be scout leaders, and I saw nothing in scoutmaster”X”‘s actions that gave me any cause for concern.” This is a winning defense position.

    But now assume that homosexuals are allowed to be scout masters. One is accused of molesting a boy (whether he actually did it or whether the allegation is false is actually immaterial). Other scout leaders are sued for negligence. What is their defense? If they say, “I knew that “X” was a homosexual but I did not watch him extra close”, a lawyer argues in front of the jury that they were aware of a special risk and SHOULD have been watching close. If the scoutmaster says “I knew “X” was homosexual and DID watch him more closely”, the same attorney will then stand before the jury and say “He was aware of the risk – -he himself has admitted to it. He knew he had to do something to protect these innocent children. But he clearly did not do enough.” Either way, the situation becomes a “trick box” for the other negligent scoutmasters, with anything they say becoming a two-edged sword.

    Bottom line – I think that there are plaintiff’s attorneys and plaintiff’s legal organizations lurking behind the pressure for the scouts to admit homosexuals, encouraging and at least partially funding these groups, to create a climate where litigation over scout abuse cases will become profitable.


  2. Dr. D

    Thanks Brian,
    Wow, a different perspective indeed but one that logically tracks and would add substantially to the pressure already on the scouts by gay activists and the willing media.

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