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-Abortion Activist: Prayer is ‘Hate’ Speech and ‘Threatening’?

by Dr. D ~ July 16th, 2012

Praying Hands

(Photo credit: C Jill Reed)

From LifeSiteNews:

“An abortion activist who posted pictures of her abortion online has said prayer can be interpreted as hatred, Catholics who are “ashamed” of their church are “inspirational,” and “the very existence of the conservatives” is a fact to be lamented. …”

After her ‘self-abortion’ was publicized the activist received a considerable number of protesting emails. Among them were quite a few Christians saying that they were praying for her which she interpreted as ‘hate’ speech:

“She noted the content of numerous “hate” e-mails was some variant of the message: “Maybe you do not know God or that abortion is a sin? Praying for you!”

“Even hearing that someone is ‘praying for me,’ in this context, feels demeaning and threatening. There’s already plenty of hatred and fear-mongering out there for people to encounter,” she said.”

The activist went on to say that Catholics who do not support their church’s stand on abortion give her ‘inspiration’ and she hoped for a day when “people from all faiths can come together to support” abortion-on-demand.

<Read the whole article>

Response: I posted on this article to demonstrate the widening dis-connect between Christians and many in the secular American culture which dominates the coasts and the larger cities in our nation along with the academicians and the media.

The activist views her self-abortion as a positive that should be duplicated and congratulated while she considers prayer to be hateful and threatening? Talk about a complete dis-connect from the Christian perspective.

When Christians say that they are praying for someone it is meant to be a positive response and not a threat or a demonstration of hate. Yet so many in our country have never darkened the door of a church and an increasing segment of America no longer understand ‘Christian language,’ intent, or the jargon that we Christians take for granted.

Her hope that one day “all faiths,” even Christians, could ‘progress’ to the point where they celebrate and support abortion-on-demand demonstrates even further the total ignorance of this activist when it comes to conservative Biblical Christianity.  Fact is, she really does need prayer –loving prayers of concern.               *Top

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