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-Was Jesus a Muslim?

by Dr. D ~ July 13th, 2012


Was Jesus a Muslim?

It sounds ridiculous and historically there is no basis in fact since Jesus lived and died and was resurrected 600 years before the coming of Muhammad and the Quran.

Nevertheless a college professor,  Robert F. Shedinger, at Iowa’s Luther College is making that claim in a book. His thesis is that the major teachings of Jesus revolved around ‘social justice’ and are virtually indistinguishable from some of the main tenets of Islam.

Response: If some of the teaching of Jesus are ‘indistinguishable from Islam’ who copied who?  Since Jesus came first maybe the book should be titled: “Was Muhammad a Christian?” Of course Muslims would take exception to that title and the ‘good’ professor would be in danger of his life?

However I find the entire idea to be ludicrous and challenge professor Shedinger to demonstrate where Islam reflects an admirable teaching of ‘social justice’ anywhere in the world where Muslims are in charge.

The only reason I even posted on this issue was because it is an example of a new trend towards ‘Chrislam’ which I believe is going to be the wave of the future among liberal mainline churches in Europe and the USA. Look for more of these ideas to come down the pike in an increasing volume. Many liberal church leaders in the West no longer believe that Jesus was really resurrected or divine. Neither do they believe that the New Testament reflects what really happened in the first century. They have all of that in common with the Muslims who believe that Jesus (Isa) was only a great human teacher and prophet.

If we are approaching the ‘end-times,’ then I believe that ‘Chrislam’ could possibly form the basis for a syncretistic religion that the ‘Anti-Christ’ forces upon the whole world. Muslims would substantially get to keep their beliefs while Christians and all of the rest would be forced to conform to the new understanding which would include some of the teachings of Jesus. Stay tuned.           *Top

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