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-British Deputy Prime Minister: Churches Should Conduct ‘Gay Marriages’

by Dr. D ~ July 9th, 2012

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             (Nick Clegg, UK Deputy Prime Minister: Wikipedia)

From LifeSiteNews:

Some British churchmen have said they believe that, should the government create “gay marriage,” groups will inevitably be forced to participate.

Today, Nick Clegg, the Deputy Prime Minister and leader of the Liberal Democrat party, appeared to confirm these predictions when he said that “at the moment,” it is his opinion that homosexual partners should be allowed to conduct wedding ceremonies in churches.

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Response: Just like here in America, same-sex marriage has become the political issue de jour in the UK. The current Prime Minister is in favor of gay marriage and now his Deputy has also given his opinion which includes forcing the State churches (Church of England) to open their doors to same-sex ceremonies.

This is exactly what church leaders in the UK are afraid of. If gay marriage becomes legal then it would be just one small political step away from eventually forcing and requiring the state church to follow suit and participate. This has already happened to the state Lutheran Church in Denmark. Meanwhile, leaders in the Church of England have already voiced their opposition to gay marriage.

In America, we are not in danger of being forced by the government to conduct same-sex marriages but churches who rent out their buildings for weddings might be forced to allow same-sex ceremonies conducted in their facilities whether they believe in it or not. Also, the PC tide is obviously against conservative Christians who want to maintain traditional marriage regardless of the fact that the majority of Americans still support marriage between one man and one woman.               *Top

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3 Responses to -British Deputy Prime Minister: Churches Should Conduct ‘Gay Marriages’

  1. Brian

    “we are not in danger of being forced by the government to conduct same-sex marriages”

    I disagree with you on this one, Dr. D. I think that civil rights laws will be construed to coerce churches to perform same sex marriages. After all, the civil rights laws are designed to oppose and penalize discrimination, and the PC crowd will simply argue that not allowing homosexual marriages in churches on the same basis as heterosexual marriages is simply discrimination.


  2. Dr. D

    Brian, from my perspective a lot depends upon who is elected President in November. In the next 4 years probably 3 or more Supreme Court justices will be chosen and the balance on the court could radically change. If Barack Obama is re-elected then I believe that our religious freedoms will continue to erode in America. I do not believe that the government will ever openly ‘force’ churches to conduct same-sex marriages but the penalties against those who refuse will be increasingly severe.

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