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-Muslim Who Threatened “South Park” Gets 12 Years

by Dr. D ~ July 5th, 2012

South Park Nativity

                   (South Park Nativity: gemsling)

From The Seattle Times:

ALEXANDRIA, Va. — A Muslim convert from Brooklyn was sentenced Friday to nearly 12 years in prison for posting online threats against the creators of the "South Park" television show and others he deemed enemies of Islam.   …

Morton founded the now-defunct Revolution Muslim website. He said he wanted the site to offer a forum for nuanced dialogue on relations between the Muslim world and the West and that he thought his website was protected by the First Amendment. However, he admitted that the website devolved into coarse calls for violent jihad, …

Response: There is freedom of speech in America but murderous jihadi threats cross the line. Particularly since there are so many examples of Muslim radicals that have actually carried out threats of violence in the name of Islam.

Also, Threats that attack the free speech of others must obviously be curtailed. Morton posted online threats of potential harm to the writers of “South Park” and their families because they supposedly ‘insulted’ the prophet Muhammad by showing him in a bear costume. It isn’t really an insult in our culture but it is a violation of Muslim Sharia law.

The South Park TV show is an equal opportunity insulter of all religions but you won’t find any Christians or Jews threatening bodily harm or death to the offending writers any time soon. This kind of intolerance to free speech has got to stop and this long sentence is actually progress.

Here’s our article on the South Park threat in 2010 and our concern over the TV writers cave-in and the overall media’s convenient capitulation to the Islamic attack on Western free speech: 

-South Park Cave-in: The End of ‘Free-Speech’ When it Comes to Islam?


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