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-“A Form of Christianity That’s Exclusive and Discriminatory”?

by Dr. D ~ July 3rd, 2012


Sixth Avenue Baptist Church is an historical Bible church in Brooklyn, NY that believes in traditional Christian teaching and supports traditional marriage between a man and a woman. In many ways they are like thousands of other independent evangelical churches all across America.

The church is also a mixed congregation that reflects the racial make-up of the local neighborhood. However, recently the church was involved in a controversy picked up by the media when 3 white missionaries helping out in the congregation for the summer handed out flyers at a local school inviting students to attend the upcoming Sixth Avenue’s vacation Bible school. Todd Starnes of Fox News wrote an article about the situation.

The story caught my attention because I believe that it is an example of the controversy and name calling that most Bible believing evangelical churches are destined to face some time or another in the near future all across America. In this case, several of the parents from the school called the church ‘discriminatory’ since it opposes homosexual marriage. One parent in particular accused Sixth Avenue Baptist of practicing:

…a form of Christianity that’s “exclusive” and “discriminatory.”

That was the phrase that caught my eye because it fits the new strategy and name-calling template that gay activists, and their willing cohorts in the secular media, are beginning to apply to any church or religious organization that opposes same-sex marriage. So any American church that continues to follow traditional Biblical Christian teaching when it comes to homosexuality is now considered to be “a form of Christianity that’s excusive and discriminatory”?

I guess that would apply to the first-century church of Peter, Paul, and the apostles? Especially them, since they were the first to require all of the new Christians to change their lifestyle and leave the sinful Roman and Greek culture behind that featured all kinds of debauchery including homosexual practice.

The point is, this is just the beginning. Look for Biblical churches to become increasingly unpopular in the dominant culture reflected in the media and in the larger cities all across America. Most Americans when given a chance will still vote for traditional marriage over the same-sex accommodation but you would never know that from what you see on TV or in the movies.

Traditional Christian morality will increasingly be de-valued in the future as ‘exclusive’ and ‘discriminatory’ by the main stream media. Conservative Christians will still be honored in small town America. But it could all quickly slip away unless American Christians awake from their sleep and stand up for their God given Constitutional rights to Freedom of Religion in America.

Bottom line- if the current trends continue unabated, faithful believers will observe a declining influence in this country and may even face forms of persecution in the future unless there is another ‘great awakening’ or a sovereign move of God once more in America.                *Top

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1 Response to -“A Form of Christianity That’s Exclusive and Discriminatory”?

  1. Brian

    First step: label some organization, institution, practice or person as discriminatory.

    Second step: Convince the general public that such organization, institution practice or person is, in fact, discriminatory. The main stream media will be willing accomplices in this process.

    Third step: invoke federal civil rights laws to address the evil discrimination of this organization, institution, practice or person.


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