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-NY Churches Can Continue Renting Public Schools for Worship

by Dr. D ~ July 2nd, 2012

Tweed Courthouse, New York City - The headquar...

( The headquarters of the NYC Department of Education: Wikipedia)

From Baptist Press:

NEW YORK (BP) — A federal judge ruled Friday (June 29) that churches and other faith groups can continue to meet in New York City public school buildings for worship services.
Judge Loretta Preska of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York granted the churches a permanent injunction against the New York City Department of Education, determining that the city’s policy of prohibiting worship violates the Free Exercise Clause and the Establishment Clause of the U.S. Constitution.
The city, the court said, is permanently forbidden from denying churches’ applications to rent space in public schools for meetings that include religious worship. The city is expected to appeal.

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Response: The Alliance Defense Fund won this battle but the City of New York is app to appeal even though the Churches are doing all sorts of good in the city. They have even improved the schools they’re meeting in by painting the interiors of inner-city school rooms, and donating computers, musical instruments, air conditioners and even provided needed after-school programs. Nevertheless, it doesn’t have to make sense, this is part of the same city administration that thinks 20oz regular drinks at McDonalds are too big.

Meanwhile, the city allows other community groups to use the schools buildings so equal access is the issue and freedom of religion not from is the clarion call. We have been following this story for some time now.  It is an important issue since thousands of churches are renting public school facilities for worship services all across the country. A precedent could be set here that would encourage atheist groups to challenge school districts all over America to dump church leases and leave hundreds of thousands of Christians with no where to meet on Sunday.

The whole issue is critical, particularly in places like South Orange  County CA where planned cities did not designate enough potential property for churches and continue to make it difficult for congregations to get the necessary zoning changes to buy and build on their own properties. Cities here continue to restrict the building of churches and synagogues since they don’t add to the tax base.

Many like the NYC administrators do not consider the good that religious organizations actually do in their community. It is all about money and now atheist activists provide additional excuses to limit religion under a Constitutional pretext that was originally intended to support the freedom of religion in America.             *Top

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