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-Christian Street Preachers Attacked and Stoned by Muslims in America?

by Dr. D ~ June 28th, 2012

Christian street preachers were attacked and stoned by Muslims in America? Yes, as incredible as it sounds it did happen in Dearborn, Michigan 2 weeks ago at the Arab Festival. The Christians were assaulted and stoned with bottles, stones, eggs, drinks and much more. Along with a barrage of uncalled for language. Note: the video above shows more than you probably what to see or hear including a lot of language that will not be quoted on this family oriented blog.

Meanwhile, the Dearborn police let it all happen and reprimanded the Christians instead of the unruly crowd. Also, as usual there was little or no media coverage of this Christianaphobic event.

This is not the first time that Christian preachers have run into trouble at the Arab Festival. In fact the Dearborn police have actually arrested Christians in the past who were trying to pass out tracts and peacefully talk to people about Jesus.

Now for the other side of the story:

These ‘Christian’ preachers were jerks and I certainly don’t condone their methods. They were supposedly there to bring the ‘Good news’ of Jesus Christ and his message of love and salvation to the Muslims. However, one could say that they actually provoked the Muslims to attack with their signs which you never get a clear view of in the video:

“You will burn in Hell”

"Islam is a religion of blood and murder"

"Muhammad (Islam’s prophet) is a … liar, false prophet, murderer, child molesting pervert."

Also the ‘missionaries’ displayed a pig’s head mounted on a pole and verbally taunted the crowd with messages like- “You’re gonna burn in hell.” Bottom line, this group probably did more harm than good by turning off and repelling Muslims to the genuine Gospel.

Meanwhile, there were other groups of Christians at the festival sharing the Gospel to Muslims in love. The responses were mixed but not nearly as confrontational.  


It is easy to see why Muslims might be upset with this radical group. In fact, it might be rightfully asserted that these preachers probably intended on provoking a video recorded incident. Also, the unfortunate tactics of this group remind one of the hateful Westboro ‘Baptist Church’/Phelps family.

Nevertheless, there is absolutely no excuse for the way these ‘Christian’ preachers were treated- not in America.


Here are our previous posts about the past treatment of Christian preachers at the Dearborn Arab Festival: 

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2 Responses to -Christian Street Preachers Attacked and Stoned by Muslims in America?

  1. Glenn

    If “mooslums” are not able to be offended without reacting like they are a street mob on the West Bank then they cannot claim to be Americans. Christians are attacked for their beliefs daily and we swallow it and move on. If “mooslums” think that American men ate going to bend over and grab the ankles like the Euro sissy men they are mistaken. We will not tolerate this kind of behavior and a march on Dearbornistan will occur and we won’t be carrying peace signs!

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