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-Religious Freedom: Three Encouraging Stories

by Dr. D ~ June 22nd, 2012

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                 (The Bill of Rights: Wikipedia)

We usually write about abuses of religious freedom in the USA and elsewhere. Here are three stories where religious liberty in America was challenged but was ultimately victorious:


Graduate’s Speech Offers Scripture Despite School Opposition

Mariah Kirby, ‘Student of the Year’ at Carolina Public Charter District and Provost Academy wanted to include a scripture from Proverbs in her graduation speech.

However, the school officials would not allow it until the Alliance Defense Fund supported Mariah and persuaded the school to change its mind noting that censoring the scriptural reference from Mariah’s speech actually “violates her First Amendment rights.”


Mass. Judge OKs ‘Under God’ in Pledge of Allegiance

A family in Massachusetts challenged the legality of reciting the Pledge of Allegiance in school because they considered the “under God” clause to be an establishment of religion and a violation of their rights.

Middlesex Superior Court Judge Jane Haggerty did not agree:

"The Pledge is a voluntary patriotic exercise, and the inclusion of the phrase ‘under God’ does not convert the exercise into a prayer."

So the pledge will continue to be recited in Massachusetts schools.


Christian Vindicated After Buffalo Police Threaten Arrest for Sharing Faith

This is the story of a street preacher, Gregory Owen, who was threatened by police and kicked out of the Italian Festival in Buffalo, NY for sharing his faith. We posted on this situation when it happened.

The Alliance Defense Fund took up his case and received a District Court order that will allow Owen to minister on the streets of Buffalo and at the festival in the future.


Response: These three stories demonstrate that we still have religious freedom in America and give one hope for the future.  The lesson to be learned from these three situations is that Christians can not allow government officials, including the police and school leaders, to infringe upon our religious liberties unchallenged. In order to keep freedom of religion in America we need to be vigilant while there is still day.            *Top

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