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-Denmark Forces Lutheran Church to Allow Gay Marriages

by Dr. D ~ June 21st, 2012

Map of Denmark.

                      (Map of Denmark: Wikipedia)

From Charisma news:

In a move that could foreshadow what’s ahead for America, Denmark’s Parliament on Thursday voted to approve a bill that makes same-sex marriage legal in Lutheran church ceremonies, essentially forcing the church to perform gay marriages.

Until now, same-sex couples could only get short blessing ceremonies in the state’s Lutheran Church, according to the Associated Press. The law passed by an 85-24 vote and is effective June 15.

The only saving grace, if you can even call it that, is that individual pastors in the state will not be forced to perform the actual ceremonies.

Response: The wisdom of the Founders of the USA rejecting the European tradition of state churches is looking better all of the time. I can’t imagine politicians in charge of the church and regulating its beliefs and practices but there you have it in Denmark.

In America, churches in the future will be under a great deal of pressure from society and the government to accept gay marriage and gay clergy. Look for lawsuits, cultural shunning, and maybe even loss of non-profit status  for Christian churches who do not eventually comply down the road if the current trends in America continue.

Does this sound radical? It is merely a logical conclusion drawn from the current popular re-interpretation of the First Amendment to limit rather than protect religious liberty.             *Top

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