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-Atheists Call Faith-Based Exemptions ‘Gov’t Endorsement of Religion’?

by Dr. D ~ June 20th, 2012

Logo of the Secular Coalition for America

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According to an atheist group, Secular Coalition for America (SCA), any further exemptions to the HHS mandate for contraceptives to faith–based groups would be the same thing as ‘government endorsement of Religion.’

Here’s the story from the Blaze:

On Tuesday, the group issued an official comment and press release slamming the efforts of Christian groups that are seeking wider exemptions under the Obama administration’s highly-contentious contraceptive mandate.  …

“The current religious employer exemption adequately accommodates religious institutions,” SCA Executive Director Edwina Rogers is quoted in the release. “Any additional expansion would effectively be a government endorsement of religion—an idea fundamentally opposed to the core American values protected by the First Amendment.”  …

“We are troubled by the insistence of certain religious groups to impose their definition of religious freedom on all Americans,” Rogers also said. “The secular character of our government is a core value of our nation that protects all citizens—religious and non-religious.”

Response: So according to SCA Director Rogers, the First Amendment is in place to limit religious freedom? So any allowance by the government for religious conscience is now to be construed as an ‘government endorsement of Religion’?

This is an example of some of the dangerous current approaches to interpreting the Constitution. Rather than seeking the original meaning of the document which was intended to give wide girth and recognition of religious freedom in our nation both for persons and organizations, the First Amendment is now being stood on its ear and actually being cited as an excuse to limit religious freedom instead.

Those who attended the Constitutional Convention, which included quite a few clergy, undoubtedly would have a hard time reconciling their intentions with some of the current thinking today. Particularly when it comes to the First Amendment and religious freedom.            *Top     

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