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-Nigeria: Three Churches Bombed by Muslims on Sunday

by Dr. D ~ June 18th, 2012

1383(CSW photo: Shalom Pentecostal Church)

Three churches were bombed by Muslims on Sunday (June 17) during services in Kaduna, Nigeria. It is the third Sunday in a row that churches have been bombed in Northern Nigeria.

Here’s the story from CSW (Christian Solidarity Worldwide):

Kaduna City in northern Nigeria is currently under a 24-hour curfew after suicide bomb attacks on three churches on Sunday 17 June sparked sectarian clashes.

On Sunday 17 June, a suicide bomber drove a car full of explosives into the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) Good News Church in Wusasa, Zaria, destroying the children’s church building and killing a child and a young man. Several others were wounded, including many children and CSW Nigeria’s coordinator for Zaria.

Also in Zaria, two suicide bombers in separate cars targeted Christ the King Catholic Church as the congregation was leaving Mass, killing an estimated 16 people and wounding several others.

In the Trikaniya area of Kaduna City, another bomb exploded at the Shalom Pentecostal Church as ushers were interrogating the bomber, killing three.

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later today the Boko Haram, a radical Islamist group claimed responsibility for the three bombings which resulted in at least 50 deaths.

Response: The situation in Nigeria is getting serious with some kind of Muslim action against a church or the Christian community nearly every week. Most of the time I don’t post about it since it is happening all of the time. But three churches and more than 50 dead is hard to ignore.

The European press calls it ‘sectarian strife’ while the American MSM pretty much ignores it all. I call it Islamic Jihad since the supposed ‘sectarian strife’ usually begins with an attack by Muslims upon the Christians then when the Christian community tries to protect themselves or seek out the perpetrators then they receive equal blame from the European press, particularly the BBC.

Meanwhile, Nigerian Muslim groups like the radical Boko Haram have declared that they will continue  the violence against the Christians until they are all dead or gone and they are able to establish total Muslim sharia rule in Nigeria or at least in Northern Nigeria.               *Top

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1 Response to -Nigeria: Three Churches Bombed by Muslims on Sunday

  1. Before It's News

    […] Response: Sounds like these Muslim radical plan to take it to another level and create an all out war against the Christians in Northern Nigeria. All ready more than 50 have been killed. Meanwhile the European press continues to call it ‘sectarian strife’ and assigns equal blame to the embattled Christian community while the American press ignores the slaughter altogether. All ready more than 50 have been killed. […]

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