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-Church Of England Officially Objects To Gay Marriage

by Dr. D ~ June 12th, 2012

English: Logo of the Church of England

                                     ( Logo-  Church of England: Wikipedia)

From Huffington Post:

LONDON — The Church of England and Roman Catholic bishops of England and Wales formally objected Tuesday to the government’s proposal to permit gay marriages, both asserting that their historic understanding is that marriage is the union of a woman and a man.

Prime Minister David Cameron is backing a proposal to permit civil marriages for gay couples, despite the strong opposition of some lawmakers in his Conservative Party. Gay couples are already allowed to have civil partnerships, with the first such ceremony in 2005.

From the Catholic bishop’s statement:

"The uniqueness of the institution of marriage is based on the fact that the human person exists as both male and female and that their union for the purpose of procreation, mutual support and love has, over the centuries of human history, formed a stable unit which we call the family."

From the Church of England:

"To change the nature of marriage for everyone will be divisive and deliver no obvious legal gain given the rights already conferred by civil partnerships," the church said. "We believe that imposing for essentially ideological reasons a new meaning on a term as familiar and fundamental as marriage would be deeply unwise."

While PM Cameron’s proposal covers civil marriages and would exempt religious groups from any duty to perform same-sex marriages, the church leaders are concerned that eventually it would lead to pressure and maybe even legal sanctions against the church unless they also comply and agree to same-sex ceremonies.

Response: The USA is not the only country dealing with the same-sex marriage issue. The Church of England is the official state religion of the country so the opinions of the church leaders should carry some weight and have in the past.

However, lately the influence of the Christian church in the UK has been waning culturally and attendance has been falling for an entire generation. In fact some church leaders have been concerned that persecution against Christians is becoming a problem in that increasingly secular nation.

It will be interesting to see how the government of PM Cameron responds to the church’s concerns. Lately the UK politicians have been ignoring the church at best and assailing its teachings, practices, and influence at worse.            *Top

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