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-President Obama: “The Private Sector is Doing Fine”???

by Dr. D ~ June 8th, 2012

Quote from President Obama today (Friday) during a press conference:

“The private sector is doing fine.”

Response: So the private sector is doing fine. Really? Unbelievable! Talk about being out of touch. This is tantamount to saying- ‘let them eat cake.’

Just got word that one of our largest accounts is cutting 2,500 jobs after several months of forgoing usual expenditures, even needed maintenance. For those 2,500 folks it sure isn’t fine.

Later Obama backed away from his gaff after a few thousand calls to the White House switch board and a dozen or so inquiries from key Democrat leaders. Nevertheless in the process he doubled down blaming Congressional Republicans for not backing his plan to spend more money in the public sector which would add to the deficit and ultimately take more $ out of private hands.

So obviously this president would rather grow the government than help the private sector economy.

Meanwhile, everyone of the Christian non-profits and churches that I know of who help those in need are short of contributions while the numbers who need their services are expanding. Obviously this would not be happening if the private sector was really doing fine.

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