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-Do Gay Rights Now Trump Religious Freedom?

by Dr. D ~ June 5th, 2012

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Do gay rights now trump religious Freedom in America? According to a New Mexico Court they certainly do. Here’s the story from Todd Starnes of Fox News:

The New Mexico Court of Appeals upheld a ruling by the state’s Civil Rights Commission that a Christian photographer who refused to take pictures of a gay couple’s commitment ceremony violated the state’s discrimination law.   …

The studio is owned by a young Christian husband and wife who based their refusal on their religious beliefs.

The Court of Appeals determined that a photo studio is considered a public accommodation – much like a restaurant or a store. As such, the photo studio may not refuse services based on sexual orientation or gender identity – even if doing so would violate the religious principles of the owners.

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Response: I listened on the radio today to a representative of The Alliance Defense Fund talking about this case. They believe that it is an important precedent establishing situation and they plan to appeal the decision next to the New Mexico Supreme Court. From their perspective, religious rights and freedoms, which are primary and guaranteed specifically under the Constitution, were wrongly minimalized by the NM court and superseded by gay rights in this case. A situation they hope to reverse.

Ironically, same-sex ceremonies are not even legally recognized in the state and yet this Christian couple is being penalized for not wanting to participate? This is just crazy but it is not the first case we have run across with Christians in situations like this. A number of similar cases all across America are in the process of being adjudicated and appealed.

This does support something that we have been saying and predicting for some time now -that religious freedoms in America may soon be trumped by gay rights supposedly for the ‘politically correct’- ‘greater good’ of modern society. Unless the US Supreme Court ultimately rules otherwise.            *Top

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