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-America is More ‘Pro-Life’ than ‘Pro-Choice’?

by Dr. D ~ May 23rd, 2012

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                   (March for Life  Washington, D.C. – Wikipedia)

You probably wouldn’t know it through the main stream media. This fact is substantially hidden though you might find it referenced on page 41 in Sunday’s edition of your local paper.

Fact is, since 2006 Americans have been trending toward the ‘pro-life’ position and against abortion. Here’s the latest figures which show that 50% of Americans are Pro-life while only 41% claim to be Pro-Choice:


The percentage of Americans who identify themselves as “pro-choice” is at the lowest point ever measured by Gallup, according to a new survey released Wednesday.

A record-low 41 percent now identify themselves as “pro-choice,” down from 47 percent last July and 1 percentage point down from the previous record low of 42 percent, set in May 2009. As recently as 2006, 51 percent of Americans described themselves as “pro-choice.”

Meanwhile, 50 percent of Americans now consider themselves “pro-life,” one point below Gallup’s record high on the measure.

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Response: This is good news and should be celebrated but don’t look for the MSM to lead the way. The POLITICO article presents the facts in an even-handed way but the choice of title for the work may demonstrate a concern for the current trend against the ‘pro-choice’ position.

For a long time the media ignored some of the evidence in order to present the pro-abortion stand as the majority American opinion. In many cases the polling was agenda driven and the so-called ‘majority’ was constructed through clever framing and slanting of polling questions.  Now no matter how it is framed the ‘Pro-life’ stand seems to be winning the day.

Notice that the divide over the abortion issue is even more substantial when ‘morality’ is part of the equation. The recent Gallup poll shows that “51 percent — of Americans consider abortion morally wrong, while 38 percent say that it is morally acceptable.” This shows that the real convictions of Americans may not be as close on this issue as activists and the media would like to present them. When it is framed as a moral question rather than a ‘women’s rights’ issue it goes beyond politics and popular jingles but touches the very soul of America.             *Top

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