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-The Battle Raging Over Crosses and Our Religious Heritage

by Dr. D ~ May 17th, 2012

Banning Crosses, Erasing History

There is a battle raging in America over public displays of religion and our religious heritage. We have been covering these skirmishes for some time now on this blog.

Crosses on public lands have become the most obvious targets particularly war memorials with religious quotes and themes. Then at Christmas time the battle heats up over traditional nativity scenes, Christmas trees, Christmas carols, and city sponsored Christmas activities. Even secular expressions like Santa Claus have come under fire because of their connection to the Christian holiday. Then it starts all over again at Easter.

Atheist groups like the Wisconsin Freedom From Religion Foundation are combing through every town and city in the USA looking for crosses and religious displays of any kind on public property and then challenging their existence through threatened lawsuits. Many small jurisdictions do not have the necessary resources nor the motivation to meet the challenge.

It is really all about changing America which has always been a religious country into a more secular nation and in the process erasing any remembrance of our religious heritage. This has been going on for some time now and our history has nearly been rewritten to exclude the importance of our religious heritage that was the foundation upon which this great nation was built.

When I talk with my grandchildren about what they have learned in school about the history of this nation, they know very little about the role of religion in the founding of this nation. When I tell them that we use to pray in school and read the Bible in the 50’s when I was growing up they are surprised. Then when I explain to them that my mother, their great grandma learned to read in public school using a Bible and a McGuffey Reader as the main text books they don’t know what to think. Particularly when I explain to them that the McGuffey was full of Bible stories and scriptural references and was used in public schools all over country for over a hundred years and nobody ever considered it to be a violation of the Constitution.

How things have changed in America. Now crosses are being eliminated and public displays of religion are being challenged with the very Constitutional amendment that was suppose to protect our religious freedoms and practices from governmental interference.

Along this same line, here’s a great article by Michael Medved where he cites some of these recent and current battles:

“Banning Crosses, Erasing History”

I found his His conclusions to be particularly poignant:

“In each of these fights, it’s the opponents of long-standing religious displays who seek to impose their narrow views on the rest of us. It hardly amounts to an effort to impose theocracy when people of faith defend monuments that have inspired passersby for generations. In the case of the Ground Zero Cross, for religious believers, the artifact they honor played a prominent role in the haunting imagery after the terror attacks.

Meanwhile, secular extremists seek to erase such imagery from the collective consciousness and to purge public places of religious reminders. For skeptics, prominently displayed crosses convey the uncomfortable message that the great majority of Americans still honor a faith that self-proclaimed free-thinkers hold in undisguised contempt.

Beneath all the hypocrisy over constitutional restraints and traditional walls of separation, secular activists and self-styled defenders of "civil liberties" seek to transform American society in a way that our Founders and most subsequent generations would never recognize. They seem eager to defend flag-burning, obscenity and every other form of radical expression, while seeking to suppress emblems of the Christian faith that helped shape the nation since the arrival of earliest colonists.  …”

Amen.               *Top

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