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-Disney Cancels ‘GCB’ Due to Christian Protests?

by Dr. D ~ May 16th, 2012


Disney has cancelled the TV program called “GCB” in the midst of Christian protests against it. Is this an example of Christian power? Actually according to some reviewers the show was not very good.

From Charisma News:

Although some Christians reportedly enjoyed GCB, the Disney program offended plenty. Now, Disney has taken it off the air.

GCB was based on the novel Good Christian B*tches by Kim Gatlin.

Ted Baehr, founder and publisher of Movieguide, said ABC/Disney’s cancellation of its “bigoted” show GCB, which mocked and ridiculed Christians, was a “victory for faith and values.”

Movieguide was part of a national campaign to convince advertisers to abandon the show and support more family-friendly programming.

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Response: It is good to see it gone. Was the show cancelled because of Christian protests? Probably not. The show wasn’t all that good and the ratings were low, but the uproar certainly didn’t help and some sponsors were bailing out.

I must admit that I never watched even one episode so can’t personally make any comments about its quality. However, the idea that Christians were being made fun of, mocked and ridiculed, and portrayed as hypocrites was over the top from my perspective. What other religion would have ever been treated in this bigoted way? Can you imagine American Muslim girls being made fun of in a sitcom?

I can imagine the same idea for a show being done by a Christian cable network with the ultimate purpose of combating hypocrisy among Christians with a moral lesson to be learned in each episode. However, this is far from what Disney was doing in this show. The premise of the show obviously played into the dominant media bias and stereotypical perception of Christians particularly those from the Bible belt and it was reportedly popular on the coasts.

All I can say is that Christians better get use to it because this will not be the last salvo in this cultural war. Remember, the dominant media trots out anti-Christian documentaries with new supposed scholarly ‘discoveries’ every Easter. Plus every serious Christian running for political office is characterized as seeking some kind of reconstructed Christian theocracy in the MSM. Also, can you remember the last time an evangelical Christian was ever presented as anything other than a hypocrite on TV and in most major studio movies? There have been some exceptions but very few indeed in the last 10 years. So the battle goes on but at least we won this chapter.             *Top

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