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-Court: Colorado Day of Prayer is Unconstitutional

by Dr. D ~ May 12th, 2012

Map of USA with Colorado highlighted

           Colorado highlighted (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From the Denver Post:

The Colorado Court of Appeals ruled Thursday that governors’ proclamations of a state Day of Prayer violate the Constitution’s provisions for religious liberty.

When the state sponsors the particular religious practice of prayer, the three-judge panel found, it sends a message that those who pray are favored members of Colorado’s political community.

"In doing so, they undermine the premise that the government serves believers and nonbelievers equally," Judge Steven Bernard wrote in a 73-page decision.

The content of six Colorado Day of Prayer proclamations, 2004 to 2009, is "predominantly religious," lacking a secular context or purpose, and the effect is "government endorsement of religion over nonreligion," Bernard wrote. Judges Alan Loeb and Nancy Lichtenstein concurred.

The lawsuit against the Colorado Day of Prayer was brought by the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation. The foundation also attempted to shut down the US National Day of Prayer but were turned back by the 7th Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals in 2011.

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Response: Hopefully the governor will appeal the ruling. The Colorado Day of Prayer is entirely voluntary and not really a forcing of a particular religion upon people in the state. Unbelievers are really not forced to participate and really are not harmed or affected in anyway unless they choose to be. 

Our religious heritage in this country continues to be under assault. Secularists and atheists continue to use constitutional passages that were meant to protect religious liberty in order to erase religion entirely from the public square. 

The Colorado Day of Prayer and similar events across the country in reality are not attempts to establish any kind of state religion. Not only that, no one really believes that they are. Nevertheless, activist groups like the Wisconsin-based Freedom from Religion Foundation are using that legal language in order to destroy all vestiges of religion and displays of faith wherever they find them.

The effect is really not a question of establishment or favoring a particular religion but forcing the establishment of atheism as the new official state doctrine in Colorado and ultimately all across America.             *Top

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