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-Michigan: High School Holds All Girl ‘Sharia’ Prom

by Dr. D ~ May 8th, 2012

Hamtramck, Michigan: Hamtramck High School has a student body which is reportedly 65% Muslim. The traditional proms which American schools have sponsored forever all across America are hardly supported in this Muslim dominated community.

According to sharia law, young unmarried girls are forbidden to date or dance with boys or even appear in school without head coverings. So girls in this sharia compliant community do not get the opportunity to even attend a traditional high school dance. Funds where raised for the all girls prom mostly through bake sales in order to give them a chance to experience an American prom.

<Here’s a link to the New York Times story about the event>

Response: The NY Times article is predictably positive about this development. Others are claiming that this is another example of ‘creeping sharia’ being introduced into mainstream America.

I have mixed feelings on the issue.

First of all, I believe that the event itself was great but it should have been sponsored by the area mosques in a rented hall and not as an official high school prom. For me it is a matter of equal access and treatment for people of faith. Does anyone out there really believe that any high school in America would sponsor an all Christian girls event of any kind? Yet this was a sharia compliant all Muslim girls event in a public high school.

What disturbs me is the fact that Christian values, symbols, and traditions are being expelled from schools all across America while many educators and schools are going out of their way to accommodate Muslim prayers and dietary rules.

For example, most schools in California have in the last ten years eliminated pork from the cafeteria menus in deference to Muslim students. Every school I ever went to as a child had some Jewish students with similar dietary rules but schools never conformed to those religious requirements until Muslim parents recently complained and demanded the changes.

Also, while Christian students are hard pressed to pray and read their Bibles even during break times, increasingly schools with significant Muslim student bodies are beginning to set aside rooms and even excuse Muslim students from their classes during prayer times.

We have Constitutionally mandated freedom of religion in the USA and I wouldn’t say a thing about Muslim student accommodation if Christians received equal treatment. The other thing that really bothers me is that Muslims all around the world demand that everyone else change in deference and in respect for their beliefs while they persecute those of other religions in Muslim dominated countries. Now it is all coming to America and the specter of sharia is beginning to be raised here under the guise of religious freedom. However, sharia offers anything but freedom and equal treatment.            *Top

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2 Responses to -Michigan: High School Holds All Girl ‘Sharia’ Prom

  1. Brian

    This article is a very good follow-up to the recent posting about the demand that all females in the Guantanamo courtroom wear Islamic attire.

    The threat that I perceive is not that Muslims in the USA want accommodation for their religious beliefs, but that the history of Islam is that whenever an Islamic population acquires sufficient political/economic or social power in a community, the Muslims refuse to accommodate any religious minority and will (instead) demand compliance with their religious mandate. I foresee a day when Hamtramck High will only sponsor or allow an “Islamic” prom.


  2. -Forced Muslim Segregation of Sexes at London University Event? | ANSWERS For The Faith

    […] Is this where PC avoidance of ‘Islamophobia’ is going to eventually take us in America? I realize that the event above happened in ‘Londonstan’ but already closer to home in Canada there are public schools in Muslim dominated communities which segregate the girls from the boys and put them in the back during prayer time in deference to Muslim tradition. Also, just last year in Michigan there was a public high school that sponsored a ‘girls only’ sharia prom. […]

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