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-Candidate Criticized for Having a Bible Displayed in Ad?

by Dr. D ~ May 4th, 2012


A reporter for the Raleigh N.C. News and Observer criticized the Republican candidate for Lt. Governor for having a Bible clearly visible behind him on a bookshelf in a campaign ad.

The accused- Dan Forest commented on the supposed MSM controversy:

(the newspaper) “ridiculed my recent television commercial because I had a Bible on the shelf behind me in the camera shot.”

“I am not ashamed of my faith, nor should I be. I did have a Bible in clear view of the camera in my television ad, and in the ad I openly profess my belief in Judeo-Christian values. I stand by that decision because that is who I am.”

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Response: Now Bibles are controversial? Really? It is amazing where the political correctness of the MSM has taken us. So many now in the main stream media are secularists and over sensitive to any hints of religious display –especially Christian. Remember a few years ago a Mike Huckabee ad was criticized because the bookcase seem to look like a cross in the background of one his ads. If a book on Darwin was on the self presumably no one from the media would have been offended and said a thing.

There isn’t supposed to be a religious ‘test’ for offices in America according to the US Constitution but to many in the MSM ones faith should not even be mentioned or displayed? In fact it is getting to be rather obvious that serious Christians really bother many in the press and that prejudice definitely shows up in their treatment of candidates. The time may come in America when sadly being a Christian may be a political liability? But that time is not now no matter what the PC MSM may think.           *Top

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