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-An Arab Pastor’s Perspective: "Need to Learn the Bible"

by Dr. D ~ May 2nd, 2012


(Image: Christian Post)

We  often read the comments of radical Muslims in the Middle East and we hear the defiance of the Israeli’s but seldom have the opportunity to receive the testimony of a Palestinian Christian pastor in the midst of it all in Bethlehem and Jerusalem.

Steven Khoury, a Jerusalem-born pastor, could be bitter and radical considering all of the persecution he and his Palestinian Christian congregation has endured. Can you imagine going to Sunday services in a church that routinely has buckets of water in the aisles in order to put out any Molotov cocktails that a Muslim radical may happen to decide to throw into the congregation during worship?

Yet what is the message that he wants to convey to Western Christians? It is time to get back to the Bible and the teachings of Jesus and reflect God’s love to everyone.

<Read the entire article in Christian Post>


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