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-Jones Quran Burning Not Helpful at All

by Dr. D ~ May 1st, 2012


Over the weekend, Florida pastor Terry Jones burned a copy of the Quran supposedly in protest of Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani’s ongoing detainment in Iran. Now the Iranian officials are demanding an apology from the USA.

A statement was released from the Iranian Foreign Ministry. Here’s a quote from it:

“There is no doubt that this cheap American priest will cause religious hatred, anger and resentment throughout the Muslim world.”

The Iranians say that they hold the US government responsible for their inaction in controlling pastor Jones.

<Read about it here>

Response: The actions of Terry Jones are not helpful at all in the cause to get Pastor Nadarkhani released. In fact I fear the opposite.

If the Iranians were leaning towards leniency in the pastor’s case this has added an incentive to keep Youcef under a death sentence. Christian groups including the Vatican and the Pope have been asking for mercy in Pastor Nadarkhani’s case and the Iranians have put off and delayed his execution.

Now Christian groups fear that the Iranians will react by executing the pastor in order to show defiance towards Jones’ Quran burning and in their view the duplicity of American officials. Also, Christian mission groups are concerned that the burning will be an excuse for radicals to persecute Christians in Iran and other Muslim countries.

‘Pastor’ Terry Jones has been told that his actions could bring the opposite affect of what he says he is seeking but to no avail. Also, Jones who claims to be a Christian minister is not following the teaching of Jesus to love ones enemies and do good to those who persecute you. Burning Qurans incites and disturbs Muslims and is anything but a blessing.

One can only conclude that Terry Jones cares more about his own self-serving publicity than following the teachings of Jesus and tragically even more than the lives of Christians and missions in Muslim countries around the world.              *Top

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