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-The Example of Chuck Colson

by Dr. D ~ April 23rd, 2012


On Saturday, Chuck Colson passed at age 80. It is really fascinating to me how different news groups handled the occasion and reflected upon his life.

The main stream media emphasized his few years as an advisor to President Nixon and his role, downfall, and subsequent jail sentence due to his very active part in Watergate cover-up. 

However the real story of Colson began in 1976 after getting out of prison and starting the Prison Fellowship ministry to prisoners and their families. While in prison he found Christ, his life was completely transformed, and he dedicated the rest of days to ministry. Obviously his life is an example of true conversion and not one of convenience. Chuck spent the next 36 years of his life helping others and in the process became an influential and respected Christian leader.

Again, for most of the MSM the story of Chuck Colson revolves around the few years he was with Nixon and his role in the Watergate scandal and his fall from grace. In the Christian news stories I read over the weekend, Chuck’s life changing acceptance of true grace through Jesus Christ and his role in helping fellow prisoners and their families for over 36 years was the real story. What a contrast.

The life of Chuck Colson is not only an example of how the world and major culture views success but also the very different values in the Christian community. Chuck was a brilliant guy who had obtained all the trappings of power and success in his White House position only to fall from power and end up in prison. The story ends there from a worldly perspective.

However, God had different plans and a different track of success for Colson- eternal plans that will last far more than his several years of success, fame, and subsequent infamy. The example of Chuck Colson is one that testifies to us all that it isn’t over till God says it is.

Here’s a several articles that give the real measure of the man from a Christian perspective:

“Chuck Colson, 1931-2012” 

“Colson – a guardian of the faith”

“Chuck Colson Dies at 80; Remembered for Dramatic Faith Conversion, Life”


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5 Responses to -The Example of Chuck Colson

  1. john

    hi yes great testimony about chuck i listen to him often on radio and really like him.
    we christians forget that sharing the gospel of our lord jesus christ is more important than wordly success and money and materialism that doesnt last unlike what chuck has done that will last for eternity. its obvious we cant take mansions and stocks and bonds and status with us when we go to face our maker but what we have done for christ that matters.
    its all about jesus not about us and chuck has put christ first by reaching out to sinners who are desperate for an answer to all lifes challenges and proves that only christ satisfies.
    john redmond

  2. Dr. D

    Thanks John, great comments.

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