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-“How the MSM Whitewashes Muslim Persecution of Christians”

by Dr. D ~ April 22nd, 2012


Over the last the last five or six years I have noted on this blog a myriad of instances where the Western main stream media (MSM) either ignored stories of Christians being persecuted by Muslims or distorted the facts to make it look like the victims were just as much at fault as the perpetrators. Most of the time for clarity I have had to go foreign sources closer to the action in order to get all of the unvarnished and undiluted facts.

Many times major stories of persecution were completely ignored until they were picked up by the blogosphere. Then the events were dismissed as ‘sectarian strife’ and colored by a moral equivalency that blurred the lines between the victims and the aggressors. Usually the narrative is guided by a PC over concern by the MSM of a supposedly growing problem of ‘Islamophobia’ in America and other Western nations.

Here’s a link to a fine article by Raymond Ibrahim of Middle East Forum exposing some of the ‘anti-Islamophobic’ moral equivalent MSM strategies in the context of recent events:

“How the Media Whitewashes Muslim Persecution of Christians”

Response: One of the more interesting facts pointed out by Ibrahim is the official US government responses to what is going on in Nigeria. American official statements seem to parallel the MSM narrative and continue to blame poverty, politics, and lack of opportunity for the major causes of ‘sectarian’ strife in spite of the very pointed statements made by the radical Islamists themselves.

Also, there is an incredible NY Times reference to the violence of the Boko Haram calling their goals "senseless" and an even more ignorant response by the AFP claiming that the Boko Haram’s “goals remain largely unclear.” What really isn’t ‘unclear’ is that the Boko Haram continues to issue statements warning Christians to leave Northern Nigeria or else along with their continued demands for autonomy and full on Islamic sharia law.

This leaves one to conclude that either the MSM reporters are totally incompetent or the truth does not easily fit into the current PC non-Islamophobic play book and narrative.           *Top

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