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-California Considers Allowing ‘Non-Physicians’ to Perform Abortions?

by Dr. D ~ April 16th, 2012

Map of California, USA. Contour only.

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From CitizenLink:

On Monday, a California Senate committee will vote on a bill seeking to allow midwives, physician assistants and nurse practitioners to perform abortions — and life advocates say this weekend is the best window of opportunity to stifle the effort.

SB 1338, sponsored by Sen. Christine Kehoe of San Diego, will be coming up for a vote at 1:30 p.m. PDT in the Business, Professions and Economic Development Committee.

California is “the first state that we know of that’s ever looking at rescinding and actually decreasing the standard of care that women would be getting if they go into an abortion clinic,” said Daniel McConchie, vice president of government affairs at Americans United for Life.

That could create a ripple effect in other states.

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Response: We have now come full circle when it comes to abortion in California. I can remember the original push for legalizing abortion was to make women safer and get the procedure out of the back alleys and motel rooms and into medical facilities performed by ‘real doctors’ in order to save lives.

Now it is being done in store front offices by part-time doctors with inadequate responses in case of emergencies. Every year more and more woman die from failed abortions. Now some in California want to allow midwives, nurses, and physician assistants to do abortions?

Why? Because doctors cost a lot of $money and plus there are fewer and fewer doctors who want to do it and have that on their resume.

Obviously this bill needs to be defeated but the abortion lobby is very strong in this very liberal state.

Meanwhile, Arizona recently passed a provision that would make women having abortions safer by mandating that abortion doctors have hospital privileges at a nearby facility assuring continuity of medical care in case of emergency.

Hopefully the new Arizona law better represents the future rather than this proposed California law which would put women’s health in jeopardy.              *Top

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