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-Re: Islamic Attacks on Churches During Easter

by Dr. D ~ April 12th, 2012

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On Monday I searched the news for the usual radical Islamic response to a Christian holiday- which is to kill and maim Christians. I only found one incident and ‘only’ 50 Christians were killed. I found myself thinking- only one-not bad, not bad at all!

Obviously if you are one of the 50 and the hundreds that were injured in the car bombing in Nigeria along with their families, Easter was not a very good day at all. Plus for those folks, to say that it could have been far worse if the car actually exploded in the church during the service rather than outside, is not that helpful.

Nevertheless the pastor and several thousand worshippers that were miraculously spared when the car bomb prematurely exploded are rejoicing at God’s providence. It just shows how we have become conditioned to expect the worst from radical Islamists.

Here’s an article by Raymond Ibrahim of the Middle East Forum exploring this most recent act of terror and then cataloging some of the more recent holiday attacks on churches and Christians: “Death to Churches: Targeting Christian Holidays in the Islamic World”

Response: Ibrahim points out the duplicity of our own government (USA) in dismissing these events as motivated by poverty and political considerations rather than by ‘religion.’ Of course this is ridiculous since churches and Christians are the targets and they are timed to ruin Christian holidays.

Plus the radicals themselves, in this case the Boko Haram, say that they are motivated by their understanding of Islam and their goal is to establish an Islamic Sharia government to replace the current one. Poverty and political considerations may have a part but the terrorists proclaim that Islam is the foundation of their cause and the only reason for their existence.

Meanwhile, Western politicians want to ignore the obvious and refuse to identify radical Islam as the major motivation for these acts. Political correctness will not allow the truth to be spoken and if it is, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is always there to cry out in protest- ‘Islamophobia!’            *Top

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