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-Vanderbilt U: Christian Student Groups Issue Joint Statement

by Dr. D ~ April 10th, 2012

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From Citizen Link:

In a show of solidarity, a coalition of 11 Christian student groups at Vanderbilt University issued a joint statement Monday, declaring they will not bow to administration pressure to allow non-Christians to hold leadership positions within their organizations.

“For decades, Vanderbilt acknowledged what most Americans hold to be self-evident: A faith-based organization cannot be properly led by people who do not profess the group’s faith,” they wrote. “Most perplexing, a university founded by Methodists is prohibiting religious groups from selecting religious leaders while simultaneously allowing fraternities and sororities to discriminate in selecting their leaders and members. If Vanderbilt will give fraternities and sororities a broad exemption from its policy, why won’t it give religious groups a narrow exemption?”

Response: The Christian students make some very good points in their statement. The only way this makes any sense is if the university administrators really do not want active Christian groups on campus. My guess is it is not politically correct in the progressive universe that many educators live in. One excuse is as good as another but it is surprising considering the background of the school. The new ‘non-discrimination’ policy is the latest in PC progressive agenda dictum to gain momentum and spread to colleges and universities all across America.

Two Catholic groups have already moved off campus and the rest of the Christians groups will follow suit rather than allow the university directives to neuter their leadership.

In the real world, religious organizations in America have a constitutional right to define their own beliefs and standards for leadership. The University demands seem ridiculous when one considers that leaders could be chosen under the new directives who actually oppose and carry out programs that are contrary to Christianity and the original objectives and reasons the student groups were formed in the first place.

I continue to wonder if any Muslim groups on Campus will also be forced to comply? Somehow I seriously doubt it.              *Top

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2 Responses to -Vanderbilt U: Christian Student Groups Issue Joint Statement

  1. Brian

    Not only has the Catholic student organization been already forced off campus, but Vanderbilt has now ORDERED it to change its name.


  2. Dr. D

    Wow, doubling down and adding insult to injury! Thanks Brian.

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