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-We Use to Have ‘Sin Taxes’ Now We Subsidize It?

by Dr. D ~ April 3rd, 2012


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In America we use to tax things in our culture that we wanted to discourage. Taxes on alcohol and tobacco use to be called ‘sin taxes.’ Now some places are taxing sugary drinks and fast food.

In the last generation or so our culture has also turned its back on the Biblical definitions of ‘sin’ and dressed it all up in positive ways referring to deviant behaviors that were once discouraged as ‘freedom’ and progressive rights. Now we have gotten to the point where we are actually rewarding behaviors that we once called sin and considered detrimental to our society? That does seem to be the case when it comes to providing free contraceptives to students.

Here’s an article by Chuck Colson that explores that issue: “Sin Taxes vs. Sin Subsidies: Redefining Bad Behavior”

Colson makes  the following observation in the article:

It’s odd, though, that despite this feeding frenzy, nobody is proposing to tax an activity that nearly every previous generation saw as truly sinful and harmful to society: sexual promiscuity.

In fact, the word "promiscuity" is no longer uttered after the word "sexual" in polite company, although the word "freedom" certainly is. And we actually celebrate sexual promiscuity.

Take just the recent example: Georgetown Law student and "reproductive rights" activist Sandra Fluke became a hero to many by demanding that Georgetown University violate its religious convictions and pay for her birth control.

So, now the Sexual Left not only excuses sin, they want us to actually subsidize it.

Response: Is sex really free? I guess not since someone has to pay for the contraceptives.

Also, is society really better off now that promiscuity is the rule and ‘shacking up’ is no longer frowned upon? Is it better for society to be raising a whole generation of children in unstable homes with so many one parent families?

One thing for sure, the Christian values that use to be the norm in our culture provided a stability in the family that is sorely lacking in this generation.  Maybe the Creator knew best after all?              *Top

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