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-Catholic Student Group at Vanderbilt U. Forced Off Campus

by Dr. D ~ March 31st, 2012


A Catholic student group has been forced to leave Vanderbilt U. after refusing to comply with the school’s so-called ‘Non-Discrimination Policy. The policy mandates that all may attend student groups and no specific religious qualifications can be maintained when it comes to group leadership.

Therefore under the new rule, non-Catholics could be voted in to lead the group including atheists, homosexuals, or even Muslims. Other Christian groups are faced with the same choice and may soon follow suit. Here’s the story:

The ruckus over Vanderbilt University’s non-discrimination policy and regulations that require campus Christian groups (among others) to allow non-believers to serve in leadership roles continues. This week, Vanderbilt Catholic, one of the largest faith clubs at the school, has announced that it will not comply with the newly-enforced rules.

The Catholic group’s decision will mean that, as of the end of the year, it will no longer be an official university group. Instead, it will serve as an off-campus ministry. The Rev. John Sims Baker, a chaplain at Vanderbilt Catholic, said on Tuesday that the group has been forced to make the rash decision to leave campus. It is the first Vanderbilt group to make such an announcement.

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Response: We have been following this story for some time and others like it. It is now the rage all across America for colleges and universities to mandate an open ‘non-discrimination policy’ when it comes to membership in student groups. The problem for religious groups comes when the open policy is also extended to the group leadership. Christian student groups usually maintain religious requirements and standards for their leadership.

I have read of several instances where Christian student groups have been ‘taken over’ by folks promoting progressive issues that are anything but Christian in nature. These new policies only seem to be targeting Christian groups which do not square with the progressive PC attitudes of the university administrators.

I can only conclude that these new mandates are being used to still the Christian influence and voice on university campuses. It is not only an issue of freedom of religion but also freedom of speech. One reason that I believe that it is really all about Christian groups is that the Muslim student groups that should be affected by these same mandates seem to ignore the new rules and are not being forced to comply.            *Top

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