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-Religious Charities Concerned About New USAID Policy on Hiring

by Dr. D ~ March 27th, 2012

                               (USAID logo -Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From Christianity Today:

Evangelical organizations that partner with Uncle Sam to deliver humanitarian aid overseas are voicing concern and outrage over a new federal policy that "strongly encourages" all contractors to develop anti-discrimination policies covering employees’ sexual orientation.

Response: Another situation where the Obama Administration is touching on a matter of religious freedom. In October, the Supreme Court let an appellate court ruling stand that favored World Vision’s faith-based hiring policies. Immediately after that the Obama administration responded with this new ‘suggestion’ for USAID contractors to develop an ‘anti-discrimination’ policy on sexual orientation when it comes to hiring.

The administration claims that the new policy does not violate religious freedom nor the 1964 Civil Rights Act which gives faith-based organizations a pass when it comes to religious beliefs. The hiring ‘suggestions’ go hand in hand with a new Obama administration foreign policy priority that elevated the rights and treatment of LGBT people abroad.

Many faith-based humanitarian organizations receive $millions from the US government which accounts for a substantial part of their funding. The concern among evangelical organizations in particular is that adherence to the voluntary LGBT ‘anti-discrimination’ hiring suggestions could be taken into consideration as part of an evaluation process for the allocation of funds in the future.

While the ‘strongly encouraged’ suggestions are not a clear violation of religious freedom, they do seem to be at the very least an implied threat to continued government funding. The Obama administration seems to be involved in quite a few of these borderline skirmishes between the progressive agenda and religious freedom. One wonders what four more years would bring if this president is re-elected?             *Top

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