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-UK: Case of Street Preacher Persecuted by ‘Offended’ Homosexuals

by Dr. D ~ March 26th, 2012

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From Citizen Link:

In 2010, Michael Overd of Great Britain was taking part in a street outreach with friends when two gay men spat at and cursed him for reading verses saying homosexuality is a sin. In 2011, the same two men accosted him while he was preaching alone — threatening him so much that Overd called the police to ask for safety. A week later, the police showed up at his house and arrested him for “insulting” the men — charging him under the British version of hate-crimes laws. Earlier this year, Overd was cleared of the charges. He recently spoke with CitizenLink about the incident, and how rare such victories are for religious freedom in Britain.

The Citizen Link has an interview of Michael Overd here:

UK Street Preacher Describes Court Battle

Response: It is obvious that the street preacher was the real victim in this story. Not only was he persecuted by the two homosexuals in question but incredibly ended up being arrested by the police. Fortunately it was resolved appropriately in court and religious freedom was supported.

American preachers should take note since similar treatment may be in our future. As homosexuality is increasingly considered a ‘normal’ lifestyle choice, those who preach from the Bible and follow a traditional Christian understanding will find themselves in the minority running counter to the PC accepted view.

Under those conditions, homosexuals may feel free to attack ministers and then claim that they are the real victims -of ‘hate speech.’  Look for conservative churches to be targeted in the future. Picketing and even disrupted worship services could happen even in America with little response or support from the police or government authorities.

It would be a case of popular civil rights verses an unpopular exercise of religious freedom. If current trends in our culture continue unabated, this could be in our near future. It is a good time to pray for a major revival.            *Top

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