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-France: Muslim Terrorist Who Murdered Jewish School Children and Rabbi is Dead

by Dr. D ~ March 22nd, 2012

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                                   (France  -Photo credit: Wikipedia)

From DEBKAfile Special Report March 22, 2012:

French-born al Qaeda killer, Mohammed Merah – who shocked the world by murdering three Jewish schoolchildren and their teacher in Toulouse by shots to the head, after killing three French paratroopers – was found dead after jumping out of a window still shooting Thursday, March 22.

Response: This is another one of those occasions where the Western press speculated that the killer was anything but a radical Muslim. The favorite was ‘neo-Nazi’ rather than allowing for a possible PC incorrect Islamist tie.

Now unfortunately some in the media are outrageously blaming the event on Israeli treatment of Gaza and the Palestinians. Only problem is that the Israelis do not target school children and civilians and never have. Any such deaths there are due to collateral damage only in the destruction of rocket and military sites. 

This took far too long to resolve. Apparently Merah had expected a standoff with police and had prepared his apartment with booby traps and plenty of weapons and provisions. Unfortunately with the long standoff and suicidal jump to his death, this Muslim al Qaeda extremist has now become a martyr and hero among many in the European Muslim community and in the Middle East.

One major question remains –why was this known terrorist who trained in Pakistan and Afghanistan allowed back into the country. He had been caught at one point in Afghanistan but had escaped prison there and was apparently let back into France to run free and then plan and carry out his latest terrorist acts.

France is known to be a haven for Muslim terrorist organizations. According to many in the intelligence community, the French government has informal understandings with Islamist groups that allow them to live, travel freely, and even have informal offices in the country as long as they do not do terrorist acts on French soil. This is one of those occasions where a known terrorist with al Qaeda connections was left alone and ended up violating the informal understanding.                 *Top

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