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‘Anonymous’ Hackers Declare War on Christianity?

by Dr. D ~ March 6th, 2012


The infamous hacker group ‘Anonymous’ has now declared war on Christianity and proclaimed that religion is a “sickness.”

Hackers claiming to be members of  "Anonymous" took down three church websites on March 2 and replaced the main page in each with a clip from atheist Richard Dawkins along with a statement calling religion a sickness.”:

Let us be clear from the start: any kind of religion is a sickness to this world. A sickness that creates hate and intolerance, a sickness that brings people to wage war on their fellow people, a sickness that has come to this world long time ago, when mankind wasn’t educated, a sickness that brought false hope and suppression to those who believed and often even more terror and suppression to those who dared not to believe,"

Here’s a link to where the entire message is posted.

The 3 hacked websites were of Bethel Outreach International Church, Charlotte International Church, and Crossfire Ministries, all  in North Carolina.

Anonymous is closely associated with the ‘Occupy’ movement and has hacked into and shut down the main FBI site in the past along with Recording Industry Association of America.

Last week the ‘Anonymous’ group also declared war upon the USA and called for citizens to rise up in armed rebellion against the government.

Response: Many will look upon this episode as merely a prank or joke but I consider it a sign of the times. Look for the far left in this country to get more radical in their actions against the church in the future.

Really none of this is new. The ‘message’ born in the hack is nothing more than restatements of what one can find about religion and Christianity on nearly any atheist blog or website. What is new is an implied aggression against religion and Christianity.

This could be just the beginning. Do not be surprised when radicals choose to ‘occupy’ major churches around this country in the future and declare the church to be a major impediment to social progress.

It would be interesting to see how the authorities would respond to such an invasion after letting the ‘occupy’ folks do what ever they wanted to on public land last summer.            *Top

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  1. Johnny

    a bunch of idiots using somebody programs!

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